Dubai Car Rental

Find your perfect rental with one quick and easy search with RentaCar.Guide.

We will search and compare the market in seconds so you can choose the best option straight away.

Our advanced search engine caters for specific rental requirements such as car type (economy, SUV etc) as well as extras such as air conditioning or manual transmission. Just select from the filter options in the results.

RentaCar.Guide represents several car rental companies which offer reliability, value for money and covers a multitude of locations throughout Dubai.

Using RentaCar.Guide

Using RentaCar.Guide couldn’t be simpler – just tell us where and when you want to rent and click the search button. We will then search the market and within seconds you will be shown all available quotes in Dubai. Once you have found the quote that is right for you just click its more button and you will be taken straight to the booking form on the supplier’s site – Simple!

Please note that rentals are booked via the supplier’s own site.

Why use RentaCar.Guide?

We compare the leading car hire suppliers so you can find available vehicles and the latest prices in seconds!

How do I book a vehicle I’ve seen on your site?

Click on the vehicle you have chosen to be taken directly to the supplier’s website, here you will find all the details and terms relating to the vehicle you have chosen. If you are happy then you simply book from the supplier’s site.

What do I need to make a booking?

It differs for different suppliers but generally you need a credit card in the name of the lead driver and your flight details so the rental supplier can track your flight if it is delayed for example (if applicable).

What happens after I’ve made my booking?

The exact process differs for different suppliers but usually you will receive an email confirmation of your booking and a voucher which you will need to print and present at the rental counter when you collect your vehicle. If you do not receive your voucher please contact the supplier of your car rental as they have access to your rental information.

What happens if there is a problem during my rental?

You should be given full details at the rental counter, if you encounter any issues we suggest you contact your rental supplier as they have access to all your information. Unfortunately as we are a comparison site we do not have exact information relating to your specific rental.

What happens if I have a question about my booking?

You should contact the rental supplier you made your booking with as they have all your detailed booking information.

What does discount car rentals offer?

We specialize in Dubai car rentals. Renting a car in Dubai is usually a necessity as the public transportation system is not adequate for vacation travel. We offer discounted rates on rental cars for your vacation in Dubai.

Who are you guys and how can you offer such low rates?

We are simply a wholesaler specializing in travel to Dubai. The various rental agencies give us corporate contracts which we can then offer to the public.

What locations do they serve?

We specialize in rental cars and serve Dubai. We service all major airport locations in Dubai  and a few locations outside the major airports as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is no penalty for cancellation. We do not request credit card information to make the reservation.

The only exception to this is with Budget on specialty cars (convertibles and SUVs). When their inventory gets low, they do request a credit card number with expiration date and if the car is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, they do charge you one day’s rental.

How do I cancel?

Send a request through our contact line.

Why can’t I make changes to my reservation?

You can. I use the same phone number for all reservations: 425-391-02000. Input that phone number along with your last name and reservation number and you can gain access to your reservation.

Can I depend on an upgrade being available?

Not always. The upgrade is based on availability at time of pick up. During our busier seasons, there may not be any upgrades available. The annual average rate of success is approximately 80%.

Can I upgrade from a full size to a convertible?

Unfortunately, no. Avis offers the upgrades from the compact to a midsize and also from a midsize to a full size only.

Do I make separate reservations for each island visited?


Do all vehicles have air conditioning?


Can I get a child safety seat?

Yes. Child seats are reserved in advance at a cost. Enterprise is the lone exception as they do not offer child safety seats in Dubai.