Iceland Campervan Rental

A campervan is the ideal way to explore Iceland’s beautiful places, experience unique attractions and adventures while enjoying outstanding natural scenery. At we give you choice, freedom and flexibility so you can do what you want, where you want, when you want, taking home hundreds of vivid memories of one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Next steps

  1. Choose a campervan
  2. Start planning your itinerary
  3. Check availability and Get a quote
  4. Rent a camper van
  5. Have a fantastic holiday in Iceland

Your Best Choice when hiring a campervan in Iceland

  • The most complete package on offer in Iceland for the same price as many others, so you don’t have to worry about a thing or pay extra
  • Flexibility and support from beginning to end with 4 nationwide Client Service Centres
  • Best insurance terms to keep money in your pocket and we don’t take money immediately from your account!
  • No unexpected costs at the end of your hire for all the things that many don’t include
  • Choice of a wide variety of spacious premium campervans to suit your travelling group
  • Increased living functionality to go wherever you want when you want, why spend extra at holiday parks?
  • Safe and secure – 24 hour roadside assistance
  • FREE starter pack, maps etc

We are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for you that is why an amazing 96% of our clients tell us their experience met or surpassed their expectation and they would recommend us to their friends and family.

What equipment and bedding do the campervans have on board?

All campervans are fully equipped with cooking equipment, duvets, sheets, pillows/cases, towels, bathmats, cutlery, crockery, electric appliances, gas appliances, refreshments pack, regional guides, road atlas. For the full list, of campervan accessories lease click here. You may wish to bring a torch, beach towel, face cloth and first aid kit.

Can a child seat be fitted to the campervan?

Yes, you can fit any of the 3 different sized child seats to campervans. It is law in Iceland that a child under 5 is required to be in an appropriate child seat whilst travelling. Each motorhome is different so when booking please let us know the ages of your children and if a car seat is required.

Are the campervans automatic or manual?

Our Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 2+1 campervans both have the option of being automatic, but as Iceland roads are very undulating, our large family sized vehicles cope better being manually operated, so do not have the automatic option.

Can I park and sleep in the campervan wherever I want, or do I have to stay in a campground?

While it is not always necessary to go to a campground every night we do recommend it every 3rd or 4th night, to empty toilet and wastewater tanks and replenish your fresh water. The rule of thumb with stopping on the side of the road or bush reserve is – so long as there are no signs saying “No Parking/Overnight Camping” then it should be OK. Camps usually charge around 15-20 USD per night depending on numbers and they do have very good camping facilities. Of course if you do free camp please remember not to leave any rubbish or traces of your stay. There are certain areas in Iceland that you are unable to free camp. These are well signposted.